YG Entertainment Artists


At least in the ROK on the inner music charts, YG Entertainment has dominated.

In the past month and a half, the singer has been among the agency’s top music charts, and 4 Yue 4 date, it is the WINNER after the long-awaited comeback, the band topped the list in both local and international, released The comeback album, one month after the real end. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of ordinary people.

In the same month, the experimental group SECHSKIES released the song ” Bee Well”, which entered the top ten of the music charts after its release.

In 4 Yue 21 after the date of issuance of hours, Big Bang ‘s G-Dragon also among the best in the major music charts, including IU ‘s hit single ” Palette”, which includes G-Dragon. I’m leaving. Producer YG TD returns to a new album that may be released under the brand.

Finally, PSY, who recently returned to the eighth studio album ” 4 X2 = 8″, sang ” I LUV IT” everywhere. His second song ” New Face ” also ranked second.

What groups are in YG Entertainment?

YG Entertainment is a powerful force in a company composed of famous producers and artists. He also made his debut as a male and female idol. When they were about to launch the first boys’ competition since the Icon race, fans have already seen the interesting things that the two teams have in common.

In addition to soloists such as CL, G Dragon and Jenny Kim, the YG artist list also includes Black Punk, 2NE1, Big Bang and the winner, as well as artists from YG sub-brands The Black Label and YGX. Pop fans will also recognize popular YG subbots such as Moby and Hai Sehwan.

All K-pop bands under YG Entertainment are recorded by fans everywhere. YG Entertainment was founded in 1996 by former CEO Tai Chi and boy group member Yang Xun Suk. It is considered one of the ” Big Three ” of the Korean music industry, which is mainly attributed to the boy groups Big Bang and Girls Group. 2 is due to the success of NE1. Since then, YG has become a very popular Kpop group including Black Punk, iKON and winners.

Why did YG leave YG Entertainment?

According to various reports, the young Hyun S, the co-founder and president of the K- pop music giant, agency and production company YG Entertainment, resigned in several scandals.

YG Entertainment was established in 1996 and is the largest entertainment company in decades. K-POP has always been a hotbed of action, including Sais, Big Bang, 2 NE1 and Black Punk.

Earlier this year, when police in Seoul, South Korea accused the big bombing of operating a prostitution ring at Burning Sun, a popular nightclub in Shengji, the company was shocked. He works as a publicity manager there. He is also an employee. From there, the scandal involved many artists and allegations, from drug use and trafficking to police corruption, bribery and sexual abuse.

Recently, Yang was accused of trying to cover up allegations that BI, the main singer of the YG organization Icon, used illegal drugs. South Korean authorities are also adjusted investigate allegations of providing prostitutes Yang to potential investors.

YG itself is tuning the investigation of tax evasion, and the company seems to have established a relationship with the corrupt local police, the local police know that this illegal behavior, but did not investigate.

He then reiterated his plan to remove himself from the agency and said: “For 23 years, I have devoted my life and all my energy to the development of YG. However, I will resign from all positions. From today From now on, I will work for YG.

I sincerely hope that these celebrities, YG and those who love them because of me will no longer be harmed. “

From 3 Yuefen BIBBB member Seungri since the illegal activity was uncovered, the agency’s inventory decline, which involves prostitution, embezzlement and other charges.

This week, Icon ’s business intelligence revealed that he tried to buy illegal drugs in 2016, leaving the group and the agency behind.