QR Codes

Why are QR codes widely used by most companies today?


In an era where technology is a deciding factor that many companies and individuals follow through to advance their means of communications and other operations, tech tools like QR codes take the spot of becoming one of the most used technology today.

With many spending more time on their smartphone to browse through information they need to receive and send to their constituents, QR codes are one of the tech tools that many industries can rely on to give additional information about their product or service.

Through the availability of a free best QR code generator with logo software, their transition towards a QR code-driven marketing and operating means is made simpler and seamless.

While it is widely used by companies today, a few are still not jumping into the future of marketing and business operations; a few still don’t know where to start formulating their QR code marketing and operations campaigns.

To be not left behind the new marketing trend with QR codes, companies and small-time entrepreneurs should know about the basics of what a QR code is and how it can help upscale their marketing and operations.

How does a QR code work?

Conceptualized and made possible by Denso Wave’s lead engineer, Masahiro Hara, a QR or quick response code is a two-dimensional barcode type that stores and converts data like text and URL into a machine-readable code. A QR code works by simply scanning them through their smartphone and viewing the information that it holds.

A QR code can display an image, a landing page, or a social media bookmarking landing page that houses all of the marketer or QR code owner social media links. Anyone can see and try to scan a QR code on most products or services that they can find online or offline.

Why do most companies integrate QR codes into their business today?

Aside from knowing how a QR code works, the following are why QR codes are integrated by most companies today.

  1. It is compatible with most smartphone devices today

QR codes can be scanned using today’s latest Android or iPhone technology. And with the demands QR codes get from consumers today, integrating it into business use is a great move that many companies enjoy grasping and have a greater visitor to customer conversion rate. With social media becoming an epitome for measuring business success, many companies integrate a social media QR code in most of their brand-related campaigns.

As scanning a QR code is a simple task that anyone can do, companies need to consider simplifying their processes.

  1. Simplifies a few complicated company task

With digitalization as one of the means many companies are moving forward to improve, achieving it can be complex and complicated. As they will need to introduce a new digital way to transact with them, QR codes can become a solution that they can integrate to disseminate the task they imbue to their workers quickly.

  1. It eliminates the need always to sanitize 

Since most business establishments today keep their venue clean and free some contaminations through mandatory sanitation, QR codes can aid businesses to continue their operations and transactions without compromising their sanitation means.

  1. Reduces the cost incurred in running a marketing campaign

Traditional marketing is deemed to incur a very hefty budget for companies planning to increase their presence in the market. And with various tools needed to run and assess one successfully, QR codes are the perfect tool to determine the conversions made during the campaign and lessen the cost incurred in running one.

How to generate a QR code for your business operations?

Now that QR codes are used mainly by companies to direct their clients or buyers with useful information about the product or service they offer. Knowing how they do it is an essential key factor that every entrepreneur needs to follow.

To make one, here are simple steps that one can follow to create a QR code for their business.

  1. Choose and open a QR code generator website 
  2. Select the solution type of the QR code you want to create
  3. Generate your QR code
  4. Configure your QR code layout and run a scan test
  5. Download your QR code and strategically place it on your marketing spaces 


QR codes have proven their means of use during the period of the pandemic. And with its usefulness in various business marketing and operations schemes, its use in today’s marketing and work-related operations widens.

Since our future is headed toward upscaling their operating means, you can begin using QR codes to store the marketing and work materials and place them in the print paper for people to scan and view.