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Orange peel has a refreshing aroma. When you squeeze it, you would know if the orange peel essential oil has a lot of content. Unfortunately, the orange peel is still underutilized by many people. Usually after the fruit is eaten, skin thrown away.

Rather than just being rubbish, actually orange peel can be utilized for various purposes. If you soak the orange peel in a vinegar solution for one or two weeks, and then add it to the water, then you’ve succeeded in making natural cleaning fluids at home.

Orange peel, if placed in the refrigerator can make the scent of the refrigerator to be more fresh. In addition, if placed in the trash, the skin can eliminate odor.

Meanwhile, in order that the air in the house was filled with the fragrance of fresh, then you can boil the orange peel along the water with a small fire. When oil from orange peels out and mixed with water, the rooms of your home will be more fragrant.

In addition, orange peel can also be used to clean your cutting board. The trick, rub the outside of the orange peel on a cutting board, then rinse and dry.

Practical Ways to Create More Space Eat Fresh – abchome com

The dining room is the nicest room to gather with family. Starting from breakfast until dinner, many wonderful stories and memories stored in this one room.

But over time, some details of the furniture in the dining area is no longer unsightly. Could be because the streaks on the table or stain attached to the seat cushion.

Meanwhile, for those who purchase a new home, wall decor that looks flat to make homeowners want to give a different touch. Well, if you want to renovate a family dining area at home, consider some of the following essential elements, taken from HGTV. Guaranteed to-eat meal time more enjoyable like eating at a restaurant.

The combination of shades

One wall paint color will only give the impression of dull in your dining room. Therefore, try to determine the three palettes to be combined as a color matching paint.

As an example image above initially dominated by gray and white look more pop with a touch of Turquoise blue color on the ceiling. Do not be afraid to be creative chose bright colors to produce the impression of contrast.

Wall paint

You can appeal your dining room by adding some patterns on the walls. For example, the dining room this one has a patterned paint stripes. This method is effective on budget if you want to use the remaining paint from the other room renovation.

Change bulbs

Create a modern feel in your dining area with industrial-style lights like the example above. To make balanced, combined with natural shades of furniture such as a set of wooden dining table following woody.

Add pillowcase

Tired of seeing your dining table sofa motive but lazy to change the cover with a new one? It’s easy, just put a chair slipcover that match the theme you want to create. The above example looks more classy with a pillowcase custom-shaped monogram.

Show off your collection

Create a hallmark of your dining room featured several collections of plates and cutlery of your favorites. Whether it’s a collection of decorative ceramic or typical Chinese antique tableware. The above example is a glass shelf contains a set of tableware vintage shades of blue.

Create dazzling ceiling

To leave a memorable impression, ceiling are the main points that need your attention. There must have special heights, you can conjure look stunning with handmade designs. For example, a traditional pattern made from artwork created in the ceiling.

lighting up

If you have more budget, it would not hurt to give the impression of luxury in the dining area by displaying the crystal chandelier. This contemporary style can instantly transform your dining table becomes brighter and brighter.

eclectic seat

Want a different nuance to the dinner table? Why not make set the table like an eclectic style casual restaurants like the example above. Create a cozy atmosphere and is more friendly with a choice of sofas and soft cushions on the dining table.

creative bold

Make your dining room table more firmly with the selection of complementary colors such as pink and green. The dining table is the result of design Shelly Riehl David, which is complemented by the bright color, patterned fabric, until the election of a color contrast between the credenza brown and light blue buffet table which creates a creative style.

Change wallpaper

Motif wallpaper selection has now switched from a neutral color becomes more pop. Motif wallpaper trend these days more varied as floral until cool graphics. For example, the following geometric prints designed by Brian Patrick Flynn.

Beautify Room With Wallpaper – abchome com

When you are bored with the atmosphere of the interior of the house, it may be time to replace the wall paint color or a more practical decorate with wallpaper.

Just as the function of paint, wallpaper can beautify the room, evoking the atmosphere as desired homeowners, as well as make the room more spacious or bright memorable. Besides the advantages of wallpaper is presenting a variety of colors at once, instead of paint is usually only one color.

Here are four motif wallpaper to beautify your home room

1. Texture Pattern

Motif texture can give the impression of a warm, open, and spacious in a room. Motif texture that is often used is usually brightly colored and natural wood color as the horizontal direction.

2. Florals

Florals can deliver classic impression on your room. However, to use bright flower color with flowers the size of the big ones should be used on one wall only. Conversely, if the color is softer with a smaller flower pattern can be applied to the whole room.

3. Geometric Pattern

Geometric patterns such as triangles and a mix of rectangular shape with a combination or monochrome shades and bright colors give the impression of masculine room. Or if you want a more modern touch could use shades of white, cream or pastel.

4. Art Pattern

Not just a wall of separation between rooms, but can also be used as an art installation. Art motifs can be used as a focal point in a room. Art motifs are also very suitable for artists or art-minded person who wants to show his work by hanging or put it on the wall.