Use ShareMyMap to Create Customized Maps of Your Locality catena media


If you consider yourself to be among the ones who love to create customized maps in order to give chances to general masses to leave for comments or ask any type of questions then Sharemymap successfully competes with the rest in the race to be the best in getting started with. Sharemymap deals all about creating maps online without investment of money. It is a very simple tool which almost everyone can use and can build a customized map in almost about no time whatsoever. Even more this online tool does not require any registration or sign-up for getting started .Facebook or Twitter account can be used for a successful launch.

The first and foremost step in this regard is that the tool will be asking you to enter the rough venue of your preferred map.

When you have provided it with a rough location, it will show you the map accordingly and will also seek your confirmation regarding accuracy of the map it has generated.

After you have checked the map generated, you should notice that on the lower side there is an option for you entitled “take me to the next step! “. Just click on it and proceed to your next stride of creating customized maps.

In this final step of the procedure you are requested to fill in some details regarding your map. The main things that you should enter the name of your map, an avatar i.e some manifestations or inclusions in your newly created map. It is highly recommended that you should also give a proper description since a proper description and title ensures that the map is always identified by the people who are searching for materialistic information or correct directions in your town or locality. Another great advantage that you can enjoy while using Sharemymap is  it allows to fill in custom fields which can initiate from popular landmarks to known places of interests around tour city.

When you have completed with all the above necessities, you should click on the “Continue” button to proceed. After this you shall be taken to a page where you should log-in. (This you can do via your Facebook or Twitter account user id and password). After logging in you can see the map with an option on the top left corner to add points (just as shown below).

On clicking there you should find a space where you can fill in the name of the point that you desire to illustrate , the location and the description of the point. Just fill in the details and click on save to save your map.

This operation creates your map and having finished with it you could share your recently created map on infamous universal social sites e.g Twitter, Facebook. You can also achieve  an exclusive URL of the map recently created.You can easily share this with anyone and everyone who needs your help for proper directions in your city.

In-spite of all these advantages and ease of operations some drawbacks still surround this tool named Sharemymap. Here you do not have the privilege of an embedded code and hence this curtails down the idea of embedding the created map in your own website or blog.

Moreover,several readers can’t apt for locations or areas in your map by merely typing specific keywords.Hence if you are interested in creating a huge map of your own city – you have to specify and mark every known landmark by yourself. No collaborative options are available  such as a company of people cannot perform operations on the identical,same map simultaneously.

Considering all the drawbacks we still suggest you to use this tool for creating customized maps since we still consider it to be among the very best in the business. [Source]

Note: This web application is now unavailable. Stay connected with to learn more about this tool.

Use Google Maps: Know Expanse Between Two Cities catena media

Traveling and holidaying with friends and family are a common aspect in the life of every individual today. Not only for holidaying but one has to travel world wide for professional tours and business tours as well. To know the minute details about the trip what is most important is to know the distance between two places and the shortest  route that we can adopt. To help us in these issues “Google Maps” serves us the best.

Registering into Google Maps :

This part is for those who still do not have an account in Google Maps. To register yourself click on the link Google Maps. You will be required to fill in some details just like creating an email account. After filling in all the particulars required correctly, type the verification code and if all procedures are correct your account will be created. You will be asked to give your cell phone number where the verification code will be sent. After completing the process log-in to your Google Maps account.

The main analogy : Distance Between two Cities

Follow the given link and open Distance Measurement Tool. Once the page has opened, you will find an option entitled “Add it to maps”. Click on the option and you will see a message showing “Added” along with a tick mark, this ensures that the tool has been successfully added to your maps.

Now sign in to your Google maps account. Navigate to the tab “My Maps” and there you can find the Distance Measurement Tool that you just added.

Click on the tool and you will be advised to select the cities between which you want to measure the distance. Click on the city of origin and you will see a green flag over it and when you click on the terminating place a red flag appears over it. ( For example, here we want to calculate the distance between New York and Washington. The respective flags are shown in the figure below). The distance between the places will be shown to you on the left side of the page in the unit of miles.

Adding On : Also know as Total Distance Traveled Between Multiple Cities

Adding to the list of facilities of Google Maps comes yet another major one : that is you can also measure the total distance traveled by you along with the route you took while on a family trip covering a number of places in one outing. The huge distance that you covered over several days can be known just by some mouse clicks sitting in your home in front of your computer from this application of Google Maps.

Just click on the distance measurement tool to activate it and then select the places that you visited from the map on the right side of the page. The route that you followed will be marked in red in the map and you can see the total distance on the left side in the unit of miles. (Here we take a rough route starting from New York and terminating in Georgia as shown in the picture below)

Moreover, You have the option of zooming the map to view the pros and cons of each place. Using this facility you can also find out short distances like how far is your office from home or the length of a bridge etc.

We hope that you are now well accustomed of using this tool. Now enjoy finding out distance between cities by some clicks of your mouse.