Update Unit Status from North Gaia Balance Units


From the buyer’s point of view, the North Gaia executive condominium is worth purchasing or investing in. The location of the upcoming condos in Yishun. It is close to the North Coast Innovation Corridor of Singapore. The North Coast of Innovation Corridor is a source area of creative arts, designs, ideas, and technologies according to the Singapore planning. It makes Yishun be the most strategic area in Singapore. Meanwhile, Yishun has not launched an executive condo for six years. Thus, the launching of the North Gaia executive condo will have high anticipation among most people especially the prospective buyers due to this main reason.

Highly Anticipated Condos

Other than the strategic location, North Gaia as one of the executive residences by Sing Holdings features lots of offers for the residents. The accessibility, public facilities, transportation, educational institutions, leisure spots, and sports centers are examples of the featuring facilities offered by the executive residential units. Garden, park, mangrove forest, river, and ponds are adding the features of this residential unit to maximize the utmost comfortability of North Gaia showflat location residents. All of these features determine the value of the precious condo. As a result, this valuable condo is already in high demand even before its showflat and price release.

Update Unit Status from North Gaia Balance Units

Monitoring the Status of the Condo

 To monitor the status of the North Gaia executive condominium’s sale progress, you can contact the contact service on the official website to get the latest update and information. The contact service from the sales department will provide you with answers and information to your inquiries. Here, you can inquire about the up-to-date North Gaia balance units in charts. Using the balance units in the chart, you can monitor which units have been sold and which ones are still available to book.

The showflat is scheduled to be from 17th March till 28th March. During the showflat you can see the North Gaia showcase from every nook and cranny. The developer will give a thorough explanation from the unit type, facilities, featuring leisure and other areas, transportation, and stuff. Before the showflat, you must book an appointment. Then, you can attend the showflat. During or before the showflat, you submit an application form as a buyer. You must submit the application form online before the showflat or during the showflat. Later, you will get a ballot ticket. The developer will announce the ballot system during the price release and before the booking day.

Balance Unit Chart of the Condo

 On the booking day, the developer will present North Gaia balance units in the chart for the buyer to easily monitor and purchase the unit. You can see North Gaia sold units and North Gaia remaining units on the balance unit chart. The ballot system will determine the sequence of your purchasing turn. Hence, you can keep monitoring the balance unit chart while waiting for your purchasing turn. The quota for the unit purchase is available for two periods. The first period is on the Booking Day on 2nd April. During the first period, the developer allocates 70 percent unit quotas for a first-time buyer and a 30 percent unit quota for a second-time buyer. If you are a second-time buyer, you seem to have a lower chance to purchase this high-demand residence. Yet, the developer set a second period on 2nd May specifically for the second time buyer for the rest of the remaining units. Hence, if you are a second-time buyer and you do not get the first period booking day, you can keep monitoring the balance unit chart to purchase your dream condo on the second booking period.