Tokyo Lifestyle


The Uno district of Tokyo is very diverse because all aspects of “Old Tokyo ” still stand out in this vibrant and modern area of ​​Tokyo.

Wu Weinuo ( Uvino ) offers many cultural attractions for you to explore. Therefore, residents and tourists of Tokyo come to this area due to many attractions. However, in Uvino, you will find cultural attractions that really attract social exclusion. From fashion to powerful sex trade; and other contradictory factors in this popular entertainment area.

Tokyo ’s lifestyle in Yono and its surrounding areas has many different perspectives, but unlike most areas in Tokyo, it is a very popular or annoying area.

Due to the nature of the area, this is usually not the area where people sit in the middle. This applies to Tokyo residents who will choose a new place to enjoy or live in the natural beauty of the area.

Overall, Uvino is definitely very personalized, and the options available are endless. This fact means that Tokyo residents and tourists continue to come to this area of ​​Tokyo. Not surprisingly, cultural wrestling is a huge force.

However, in Nono City, you will find an interesting fashion scene and a place to stay, which is obviously an exciting place. That is to say, wild wild beauty that you have many Buddhist temples, shrines and cultural sites. This means that ENO can meet a wide range of personal needs.

What is daily life in Japan like?

Just like the question, how does American daily life depend? The lives of farmers are different from those of fishermen, and very different from the millions of workers who sleep on the train. The housewife’s life shifted to other things. Or do you want to know the daily life of foreigners living and working in Japan?

He is a 30 -year-old immigrant living near Osaka. If I live in my own country, my Richangshenghuo may not have what it different. Most of us feel ugly about our system: ” Oh, Japan is so weird and beautiful. “

If you have a job, you will spend the whole day in a car or train. I have many hobbies and interests, so I will spend time in class, gymnasium, housework and cooking. If you have a family, you must deal with children’s schools and participate in school holidays. The only difference is that you are surrounded by Japanese every day.

The lives of these immigrants are far from the lives of ordinary Japanese citizens or paid foreigners like ordinary Japanese.

I think of foreigners, especially foreigners who have connections with the US Embassy. Their life in Japan is very comfortable. Especially embassy staff are very good at finding reasons for not working. Due to national holidays in the United States and Japan, the US embassy is closed.

To guess what you think of my foreign term let, let me give you an example of a British friend. He once worked for a foreign telecommunications company.

The company bought an apartment, and the monthly rent greatly exceeded my education salary. The company provides a vehicle that she can freely use for personal activities. He also received a very good salary.

What is happening in Tokyo this weekend?

We have compiled a list of your best events, galleries and venues in the capital on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Remember to maintain social distancing and wash your hands regularly.

Rooftop Theater Volume 1 City and Star Cinema

Four English documentaries (with Japanese subtitles) will be screened in the open air and viewed with a 360- degree view of Shibuya’s starry sky.

Install outdoor balloons at Momley Park

Sa Yu County Mominwala park to celebrate by installing a beautiful autumn harvest festival balloon. The tree-lined alley leading to the center of the amusement park is decorated with 3,600 colorful balloons, all in the shape of apples and berries.

Olafar Elias on N : Sometimes the river is a bridge

N Olaf on – Ailiyasi ( Olaf Elias ) and others as being the creation of the epic. Ten years ago, the first exhibition of Danish – Icelandic artists will be displayed in a spectacular installation in Tokyo, filling the lobby of the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art.

Banksy: Genius or saboteur?

Banks ( Banksy ) is this generation’s most famous street artist, but his true identity remains a mystery, the world praised his work appeared overnight in the city streets. Although the images of Banksy’s works have been circulated throughout the Internet, the artist has never held a traditional exhibition, which makes it difficult for international audiences to see his series of works in person.

Scottish contemporary visual artist Peter · Doug ( Peter Doug ) held his first exhibition in Japan at the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art, from which he could see all of his early works from the collection of the latest works.