Tattoo Vehicle

The World’s First Tattoo Car


The World’s First Tattoo Vehicle

To mark the anniversary of the Lexus UX, the Japanese car manufacturer has commissioned a tattoo artist to create the world’s first tattooed vehicle. The work, by prominent London tattoo artist Claudia De Sabe, uses a Dremel drill tool instead of a fine tattooing needle to create the design. The motif is a koi fish, a traditional Japanese symbol of good fortune and perseverance. It is a unique and highly expensive design, costing $146,000.

In addition to the design, the body of the car has been adorned with pin-up girls, which look particularly chic on cars. This style of tattoo combines beauty with feminism, reflecting the love for girls. The car is also covered with vivid colours, which adds a vibrant look. For further inspiration, try searching for a pin-up girl tattoo on a girl’s body. You’re bound to find one that suits your taste.

The work was created by De Sabe and his husband Yutaro, both of whom have a wealth of experience with Japanese illustrations. The two men took six months to complete the car’s tattoo, working for five eight-hour days a week. To achieve such a detailed finish, they traded a traditional tattooing needle for a Dremel drill, which allowed them to apply sweeping designs without risking damage to the body of the car.


Tattoo Vehicle

Stylish Piece of Art

The tattoo car, which was created by De Sabe and his husband Yutaro, was completed in just six months. It took five days of eight-hour sessions and included no breaks. The artist used five liters of car paint and gold leaf detailing for the 3D effect. After applying the five-layer car paint, the design was sealed with a protective lacquer. The final step in the process was the addition of gold leaf detailing and a few layers of protective lacquer.

The tattoo car is an expensive and stylish piece of art. The tattoos were designed using a Dremel drill tool on the car’s white surface. The paint was stripped back to reveal the metal underneath. The artist used five litres of car paint to cover the vehicle. He even used gold leaf detailing to give it a three-dimensional appearance. After the process, the artist painted a protective layer of lacquer on the car.

The tattoo took six months to complete, with five eight-hour days dedicated to each step. The husband and wife team specialize in Japanese illustrations and have been working together for more than four years. They used a Dremel drill instead of a fine tattooing needle to create the design, allowing for a more detailed look. The car also features two goldfish and a koi carp on each side. A stylish tattoo may even turn heads.