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The White Wedding Dress


White Wedding Dress Victorian Royalty and Fashion

The white wedding dress has long been associated with purity. In the mid-19th century, brides were encouraged to wear a white dress. The colour, which is associated with money and tradition, also signified purity. In those days, however, the white wedding dress was a luxury only available to the upper classes. Even in those days, the trend had its critics. Women were often advised to wear a colour that represented tradition and sentiment.

Victorian royalty and fashion pushed the idea of a white wedding dress, which was the royal color. The photos of the bride and groom were widely circulated, and the white wedding dress remained a symbol of purity. Today, the concept of the traditional white wedding gown is a blend of tradition and modernity, influenced heavily by runway shows and red carpets. Though the gown is worn once only, many brides preserve their dresses as family heirlooms.

While the origin of the white wedding dress is not entirely clear, it was adopted by Queen Victoria in the late 1840s. Traditionally, white was the color of mourning. But the wedding dress quickly became fashionable. As a result, the color has become an icon of the wedding, with 83% of brides choosing a pure white gown, according to a recent survey by Brides Magazine. This trend has not diminished, however.


Traditional Wedding Dress

white wedding dress

The history of the white wedding dress dates back about 800 years. English Princess Philippa wore a white tunic lining with ermine and squirrel fur for her 1406 wedding to the Scandinavian King Eric. The white wedding dress became a tradition in the Western world only in the mid-1800s when the first brides wore them for their weddings. But this custom didn’t become widespread until the early nineteenth century.

While the tradition of wearing a white wedding dress has been around for centuries, it did not really catch on until the end of World War II. The dress was expensive to maintain and most people couldn’t afford it at the time. Fortunately, the post-war boom meant that middle-class people were able to copy the look of the rich. This helped spread the trend amongst people of all classes and the white wedding dress was soon a common part of the tradition.

The white wedding dress is a relatively new tradition in Western society. It is a common colour for a bride. Before the nineteenth century, the bride wore her best dress. It was also considered unlucky to wear a black or brown dress, since it was considered vulgar. But the white wedding gown was a favored colour by the rich. In contrast, the color was deemed to be more auspicious for the groom and the bride.