The Need for Temporary School Buildings Amid COVID-19


Most schools around the world have resumed after strict measures to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the measures helping students and teachers to maintain social distance during learning is the construction of extra classrooms, libraries, offices, and other facilities. The use of temporary school buildings has increased as it is the best recommendation by experts to create the needed spaces quickly and affordably.

Some schools have constructed bespoke temporary school buildings while many have rented the structures, intending to return them to the supplier after the pandemic. Using temporary structural solutions has many benefits for learning institutions, especially right now when the pandemic is wreaking havoc all over the world.

Meeting Legal Requirements for Social Distance

The world health organization (WHO) gave clear guidelines that to keep the spread of coronavirus at bay. People must maintain a social distance of 1.5 to 2 meters. Schools all over the world are required to meet this requirement among others such as thorough hand washing. Authorities asked the schools to create extra space, especially classrooms to allow students to social distance.

Schools are now rushing to temporary school buildings because they are easy to construct and affordable. These are ultimately the most appropriate solutions to the need for extra space. Schools that have already adopted the solution have already opened doors and they find it easy to meet other requirements set by the authorities.

Apart from classrooms, schools are also required to make extra washrooms and libraries for students as well as more offices for teachers. Likewise, temporary school buildings have come to their rescue since they are flexible and versatile.

Benefits of Temporary School Buildings During COVID-19 Pandemic

·  Fast to make – As mentioned, temporary school buildings are fast to make. After the closure of schools necessitated by COVID-19, authorities gave them a very short time to build more space and reopen. Temporary structures take less than a month to be erected, making them the perfect solution.

The Need for Temporary School Buildings Amid COVID-19

·  Affordable – Smart-Space makes affordable temporary structures in the UK, just like many other reputable companies around the world. During the pandemic, schools are the biggest beneficiaries of these affordable structures. Instead of buying them, they can hire until the pandemic is over.

·  Flexible and versatile – Since students should maintain a social distance at all times, temporary school buildings bought by schools are used to meet different needs in schools. One structure can be used as a classroom today and a research center tomorrow. Schools allocated them uses depending on the needs of the day to always maintain COVID-19 protocols.

Buying and Hiring Temporary School Buildings

Schools have no choice but to jump onto the bandwagon of using temporary school buildings. When the school decides to buy the structures, the first step is to choose a reliable temporary solution provider to offer professional advice. They assess the current condition of your school such as the number of students and available space to come up with appropriate recommendations. As you can see, it is possible to have minimal extra structures if your school plans to use distance learning most of the time or a hybrid module. Making bespoke temporary classrooms for a school is highly recommended because the risk of coronavirus transmission is highly reduced.

On the other hand, hiring modular temporary classrooms is also an option for schools. For this option, the school has to be sure that the service provider is willing to rent out the structures indefinitely because no one knows when the pandemic will be over. A cost-benefit analysis is also crucial to avoid more expense as time goes on. Renting temporary school buildings is appropriate when needed for a short period that is known.

Final Words

School administrators should take these insights seriously if they have not started fulfilling the COVID-19 measures set by the authorities. It is clear that temporary structures are the best solution. If you are compelled, it is time to order temporary school buildings from a trusted solution provider.