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Property by city Kolkata – unit trust of india address

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Kolkata is one of the metropolitan cities of India and is the fourth largest city of the country. Representing eastern and northeastern states of India, the city is a hub for various businesses, commercial and financial activities. 

The city is boosted by the second largest stock exchange of the country, various renowned educational institutions, military port and other various institutions of high repute. In the eastern region of India, Kolkata is the only city with international airport and this acts as an added advantage to the city. 

With Indian economy liberalization, the city’s economic conditioned flourished and in turn its real estate property valuation. The IT sector also played a major role in the city’s economic revival. The consistent demand from the end-users and potential investors has also resulted in the upward trend in the real-estate prices in all the parts of the city. 

Various property trends as prevalent in Kolkata are enlisted below – 

The Demand:
The demand of real estate property in relation to residential, commercial and industrial is very high. Numerous new housing projects surging in the city has triggered the surge of investments in the housing infrastructure sector. Moreover, since Kolkata is the home to many industries like electronics, jute, decorative items, etc., the demand for industrial property has also rise up. 

Basis For Boom:
There are many factors that resulted in the boom in the real estate property in Kolkata. There has been hike in relative to both the demand and valuation. Some of the determinants are as follows – 

  • Prominence of some notable companies (like Coal India Limited, Birla Corporation, Bata India, ITC Limited, etc.)
  • Series of bank establishments (such as Vijaya Bank, UCO Bank, United Bank of India, Allahabad Bank, etc.)
  • Favorable policies laid by central and state governments. For example adoption of “Look East” policy by the government promotes the city across the globe. 
  • Nathu La Pass in Sikkim has been opened as a border trade-route with China. This helped in developing immense commercial interest of South East Asian countries in the city. 

Lucknow – unit trust of india address

The name Lucknow conjures up images of grandeur and class like no other. The capital of the erstwhile Nawabs of Awadh, Lucknow has a history that dates back to the hallowed Mughal era. As a regional center of the British government in nineteenth century India, the influence of the Raj is also evident around the city. With such diverse influences, Lucknow is a city rich in culture and tradition. 

Today, Lucknow is the capital of one of India’s largest and most populous states – Uttar Pradesh. It is connected with every major city in India by air, road, & rail. 

Though the growth in Lucknow has lagged behind the other centers of regional power in India, the last decade of the twentieth and the early part of the twenty-first century have seen the momentum picking up in a rapid manner. 

Improved infrastructure, excellent educational facilities, with some of the premier institutions setting base here, have played a major role in contributing to the property boom in Lucknow.

Improved quality of life, aided by improved healthcare and world-class education standards, as well as an economy that is booming exponentially, have all contributed to making Lucknow a prime real estate destination.


Ludhiana – unit trust of india address

The real estate business in this industrial city of Ludhiana has been showing signs of mobility during the last four years owing to industrial boom. There are areas, declared commercial recently, command a very high premium due to limited availability in these areas.

While interest rates have seen a rise from mid-2005 onwards they are still lower than what people have been witnessed in the eighties and nineties. The aspirations from middle-class India for better housing and facilities continues and this is one of the major reasons for real estate boom. People are now increasingly attempting to emulate and match global standards in living calling for new construction and the migration from traditional homes to apartment based communities. 

Most property dealers agree that this is an excellent time to buy rather than sell. Properties on the outskirt of the city, whose population is around 50 lakh, are dubbed as the best investment for the future. 

Property Trends

People are moving outwards
With the city limits spreading to about 10 km in every direction, people are moving outwards for purchase of residential properties. Selected pockets in the south and south-east have shown lot of buying interest in the last two or three months.

Real-estate transactions are limited to select area
The slight movement in the real estate business in recent months has been focused to a few new colonies on the Ferozepur road and the Pakhowal road due to lucrative housing loans being offered by most private banks on reduced interests. 

Properties have good price and byers are increasing
In most parts of the city, properties command a good price. What appears far today will become central in a few years. Kitchlu Nagar used to be deserted 20 years ago, but has prices sky-rocketing today.


Property by city Madurai – unit trust of india address

Madurai, popularly known as “The Athens of East”, is a cultural and commercial centre of Tamil Nadu. Widely known and second largest city of Tamil Nadu, Madurai is famous for Meenakshi Temple. The city is attracting major industrial giants, especially in the IT sector. Several projects, related to real estate development are in their developmental stage in this city.

Madurai is predominately an agrarian economy. Beside this, other sectors that are contributing in the progress of its economy are textile industry and tourism industry. Our real estate agents in this city assist you in finding an ideal location for the residential, industrial and commercial property. 

With Indian Real Estate Agency, you can get aware about the prevalent property trends in the city. Major industrial players are setting up a completely integrated township in Madurai in southern Tamil Nadu. Several companies are in the process of acquiring sufficient space in Ambattur, an industrial zone on the outskirts of Chennai.

The townships that are in the process of development in Madurai are certain to create higher annual GDP for the city, once the projects are completed. Further, in the time span of 4 to 7 years, approx. 7 million sq ft of IT park, 25,000 apartments and four shopping malls will be developed in the city.