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Located on the bank of the mighty Brahamaputra river, Guwahati is the largest commercial, industrial and educational center of the north-eastern region of India. North eastern states are not that developed as compared to the states in other parts of the country. Guwahati is one state that is at par with the other national cities in terms of development and commercialization. Headquarter of Dispur, the capital of Assam, Guwahati is the gateway to the entire North Eastern Region.

This is the most well connected city in the north-eastern region with the other parts of the nation. People looking for higher standard lifestyle are seeking property in this part of the region as most of the development policies are concentrated in Guwahati. 

A decade ago, there were very few new buyers and sellers of real estate in Guwahati. No-one would have imagined the kind of change that has been taking place in the last few years. The wooden houses are replaced by luxury apartments and highways and flyovers have changed the outlook of the city. Being the gateway to the entire north east region, Guwahati provides a good base for higher education. Some notable institutes and colleges are located in Guwahati itself.

All the above factors have led to an increase in the demand of real estate. The development of Guwahati is still in a nascent stage. More and more developers are coming ahead with new projects. People from other north eastern states are trying to relocate themselves in Guwahati due to better lifestyle and job opportunities. 


Property by city Indore – star india pvt ltd

Indore lies to the extreme west of Madhya Pradesh on the banks of the rivers Saraswati and Khan. It is the largest city and the commercial capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh in central India. Indore is an important junction for meter guage trains and it is one of the few places in India, where a diamond junction is also available. 

Indore is a peaceful city and a definite choice for residential property amongst people who are retired of their service. It is well a connected city via rail to all parts of the country and the roads connect to other parts of Madhya Pradesh, and India with national and state highways.

Indore has emerged as a potential tourist destination and the Indian government is taking initiatives to explore this aspect. Private builders and developers are also moving ahead with this opportunity changing the dimension of the city. This is the reason that hospitality industry is on a rise seeking commercial and industrial property. 

Indore has been the education center for Central India and this is one of the major reason that several educational centers are coming up in the city at a rapid pace. Many old schools and colleges are still there and many new have opened up. With the establishment of Indian Institute of Management (IIM-I) in Indore, students from all over India have started to explore Indore as an option for higher studies. Consequently, several job opportunities are also opening up in the city. This is ultimately leading to an increase in the demand of real estate.


Jaipur – star india pvt ltd

The Growth Rate
Jaipur as a real estate prospect is growing with leaps and bounds. The realty graph in the city shows a capital growth of 5 to 7 percent in the last one year. As the ratio of demand to supply is deficit, there has been remarkable escalation in the property rates.

The infrastructure is powered by connectivity with the 8-lane expressway and proximity to international airport. They are a major contributor to the popularity of Jaipur as an investment destination. Also the upcoming projects in and around the city by the leading builders have made Jaipur thrive on to become one of the fastest growing cities in India.

Basis For Boom
This non-metro city is fast emerging as the new IT hot-spots is dawning on IT and BPO majors sooner than expected.

Jaipur is witnessing a surge in infrastructure development—telecom, power, construction, facility management, transportation, catering and other services. And it is on the radar screens of IT majors like Wipro, Infosys, TCS, HCL Technologies and Satyam.

This city is set to go up to 25-30% by 2010. Bullish on their prospects, the world’s leading real estate consultancy firm, Jones Lang LaSalle, projects that it could mature into a major city over the next five years. 


Property by city Jamsedpur – star india pvt ltd

Jamshedpur being well connected to the nearby cities that are rich in mineral resources, the industrial development of this city is not going to saturate for decades. The lifestyle, facilities and infrastructure are graduating to the next level. The real estate prices are rising but the demand is ever increasing. Recently, the potential of Jamshedpur as a commercial hub has grabbed the attention of several local and national developers. 

Adding to the dynamism of Jamshedpur, it is a city with great tourism value. The hospitality industry is also spreading its base making its presence felt. Some of the popular tourist destinations include- Jubilee Park, Tata Steel Zoological Park, Nicco Amusement Park, Hudco Lake, Keenan Stadium and Russi Mody Centre of Excellence (RMCE).


Property by city Kanpur – star india pvt ltd

While the property prices of the big cities of the country are soring high and the availability of land has declined, general public and investors are turning their gaze towards relatively smaller cities like Kanpur. Kanpur has resulted into an excellent investment prospect and a fine place for residential property. Government institutions and private developers are putting all their efforts in giving this city, a world-class dimension. 

Besides being the most industrialized region of the state, Kanpur is also an important educational center, with institutions like Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Agricultural College, IIT, G.S.V.M. Medical College, National Sugar Institute etc. Schools, colleges, training centers are mushrooming in the city that is one of the reasons for the real estate boom.


Kochi – star india pvt ltd

Kochi is the commercial capital of Kerala and also known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea. It is a city blessed with historical places, palaces, forts, old churches, beaches, backwaters, snake boats races, Kathakali, museums. Towering buildings, luxury homes and business centers are the highlights of the city and the real estate industry in Kochi is witnessing a boom. 

Kochi is the only metro located in Central Kerala, making it an obvious choice for commercial and industrial activities. The presence of the Airport, Railway Junction, Industrial Units and Hill produce trading Centers make it a remarkable commercial hub of Kerala . Kochi is also fast becoming a Tourist Hotspot in Kerala especially for the Ayurvedic treatments that has grabbed worldwide attention. 

Property Trends

If the current demand and price for real estate across Kochi is any indication, then investing in real estate would be an excellent move. Residential property has become very desirable but the yield is relatively less when compared to commercial property. Areas such as Marine Drive and Kakkanad in Kochi, offer immense opportunities for investment due to their closeness to IT parks and ports.

This commercial city of Kerala is witnessing an unprecedented demand due to continuous stream of MNCs, . Large MNCs and IT parks are been set up in Kochi that will bring in 1000s of people. Assuming only 50 percent of the work force would migrate from outside the city to Kochi, there will be a huge demand for housing like apartments and flats.