Patio Misting, As an Effective Outdoor Cooling Solution

Patio Misting, As an Effective Outdoor Cooling Solution

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A patio misting system is a form and innovation of an outdoor cooling machine, which is classified as one of the more effective tools because it is simpler to use, lower in cost and more natural to use. Technically this machine allows temperature changes that can reach 20-15 degrees according to the area and type of tool used.

Making tool the best solution to help lower temperatures, especially in summer, is a solution for many people. Not a few users are happy with this change in innovation. The natural cooling process using dew is undoubtedly more effective and healthier for you and your family.

Many types of products can be adjusted according to use, and even portable types can be moved according to the area needed. Compared to other cooling machines, patio misting is much cheaper, and the installation is more straightforward and does not require a special place. Big.

But how does this machine work? What is the way to turn liquid into steam so that it succeeds in creating cool dew? To find out more about this, we should deepen the discussion regarding how it works, types of use, and other essential points.

Patio misting changes the temperature of the area.

Technically, the temperature change made by this device is quite simple, namely by changing water into steam and then steam turning into dew flowing through a pipe or hose specially designed for the device. Each dewdrop will come out through a nozzle that can be installed in the desired amount.

The nozzle is smaller so that it is more regular as an exit for the produced dew, and evaporation will come from water as the primary source. Water will flow to the evaporator and then sail back to each hole in the nozzle. In addition, using this device will also add aesthetic value to the house or certain buildings that use it.

As we discussed earlier, this series of tools are more effective and practical in terms of use and installation. You can even install the circuit according to the directions from the manual provided, but if it feels complicated or you need more free time, then take advantage of special technician services who are experts in their field. They will help you choose a place, assemble and perform maximum maintenance on each of its components.

Besides that, the essential thing in maximizing its function is the water pressure given to drain the water or drain the evaporation results. We can see several types of machines based on the pressure applied.

The importance of water pressure in Patio Misting

Water pressure is a mandatory component that must be available in every patio misting device because, with that push, water can flow through the hose and pipe to the machine and the nozzle. The water pressure will significantly affect the area attached to the hose because the more significant the area, the more pressure is needed. It will also get bigger. The water pressure can be distinguished into three main types, and you can choose for yourself what kind of water pressure your patio misting device needs.

  1. Low pressure system

As the name suggests, this device allows for more straightforward use. A portable garden patio misting model that can be moved, a relaxed model on a children’s playground, is a form of low pressure patio misting system implementation. The circuit is also simple with one to two nozzles, and uncomplicated for amusement parks or other recreational areas. If measured based on the strength of the pressure, this type has a potency of around 20 to 120 Psi (pounds per square inch). The innovation of this product can also be done without electricity, using a particular battery that can be recharged when you want to take it to the playground.


  1. Medium pressure system

If the low pressure type allows the device to have one to two nozzles, then the medium type is more optimal for 4 to 8 nozzles. You can even add more if the distance allows. This medium has a more optimal thrust reaching 100 to 240 Psi. So it is suitable for use on terraces, garden decks or areas in front of the house that is a manageable size. The pipe series can also be arranged in such a way as to get a more proportional position when this device is used.


  1. High pressure system

For this one type, of course, it has more optimal pressure power, so it is suitable for use in more expansive areas such as gardens behind the walls of the house, restaurants, to all areas outside the house that require cooling temperatures. Some uses in luxury restaurants or hotels use this type, in which, if calculated, the amount of pressure exerted reaches 800 to 1200 psi. So it is very effective for large areas and far from water sources as the main ingredient.

When you can get this type of patio misting at a housewares store or a speciality product supply store, before buying, calculate the area you want to install, then choose the kind of pressure that might suit your place.

Use Patio Misting At The Right Time

If in the previous discussion, we already knew about the types of devices, and the next step is to understand the use of a patio system at the right time and moment. And as you already know, this device is used to change hot temperatures to become cooler and cooler, as is the case in the dry season, where you and other plants need fluid intake, so the use of this object is very suitable at that time.

Use a more appropriate patio misting outdoors, such as terraces, gardens, garden gardens, decks, etc. Try to place the place you want to install to have the strength to hold bourbon. Even though this object is very light, when the water pressure is ongoing, that’s when the load will increase slightly. Take advantage of this thing for the plants around you and your pets.

Why should you use patio misting

As we have discussed previously, the application of patio misting is classified as more effective and more economical in terms of installation costs, and the energy required is not considerable compared to air conditioners or some other temperature cooling products, which may be slightly more significant in terms of fees and point required.

In addition, this device is more straightforward in terms of installation and a more natural temperature change process because it uses dew from the evaporation process. Therefore choosing patio misting as an outdoor cooling solution is the right step for the health and comfort of your family.