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Important marketing tips in 2021


2020 was an unexpected and difficult year for many areas of business. A virus pandemic, a lockdown, an economic crisis – companies had to urgently adjust to the new reality, purchasing power declined, and customers’ approach to consumption changed. All these factors have had a serious impact on the approach to doing business and on the methods of its promotion. In the article, we will talk about the trends of the coming year – how to continue doing business in order to have a profit and keep up with competitors.


More companies will trade online


Local businesses suffered the most from the quarantine measures. Customers, in turn, began to buy more online so as not to go shopping and not put themselves at risk. The smartest owners of local outlets managed to create online stores or add to marketplaces like Ozon, Wildberries and Now it is no longer surprising that you can order goods online from the owner of a small outlet from the regular market.


In 2021, this trend will continue, which means that competition will increase and this is a new challenge for business. 


Advice: in order not to be superfluous in this “online get-together”, it is worth developing a new USP , improving logistics (for example, adding additional delivery methods or offering free shipping for a specific amount), possibly changing the pricing policy, adding more payment methods or updating the product range.


Omnichannel marketing is the way to the top


Today, customers try to find out as much as possible about the company and the product before making a purchase decision. Unless it’s a WOW product that is unique in its own way. Companies that use one or two marketing channels are already losing out to competitors. You need to increase the company’s presence on the Internet, monitor reviews and brand mentions, respond to objections in time and close the negative, use several tools at once: SMM, SEO, YouTube, marketplaces, instant messengers, online search engine services (we’ll talk about them later). If you are a musician, then SoundCloud would be the perfect place. You should buy SoundCloud followers and start omni-channel marketing (promoting) tracks on other platforms too.


Customer relationship is very important

Business owners have already realized that it is better to have 1 satisfied regular customer than 5 who made a one-time purchase. Moreover, in a highly competitive environment. In 2021, brands will put more emphasis on building long-term customer relationships. To this we will add the need to constantly be “heard” in the information space in order to attract new customers and remind old ones of yourself.


Advice: Use loyalty programs, personalized newsletters and notifications, product recommendation services, and other tools. Keep track of your reputation. To increase awareness, you can launch targeted advertising, maintain social networks or a YouTube channel, create a blog for a brand, and launch challenges.