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Shutters and blinds

Shutters bring a wonderful feeling of calm to a room. They are part of the masquerade ball dresses rather than the decoration and that makes them wonderfully versatile. They can be neatly parked well away from the actual window, leaving an uncluttered aspect, or they can be permanently fixed, letting in light but blocking an unattractive view.


Traditional Georgian shutters that fold into a reveal and disappear completely are a wonderful solution, because they can be used to block out light and provide privacy, leaving you free to indulge your creative whims when it comes to choosing curtains. But most shutters look best on their own. Many of the designers these days favour the American shutter, with its louvered panels that can be adjusted individually for light and privacy. The delight of these, of course, is the wonderful bands of light you get, creating the illusion of more volume beyond.

Shutters and blinds are beautiful and practical solution that gives your windows an elegant and modern look. We carry many types of shutters and blinds, ranging from economical roller shades to beautiful designer series products:

  • Roller blinds
  • Tri-shade roller blinds
  • Vinyl and real wood Shutters
  • Panel tracks
  • Euro-sky for skylights

You will be excited to learn about new motorization options available for nearly all of our blind and shades solutions.


Designer’s Masquerade ball dresses Tip:

Curtains are not essential everywhere. If you are doing a light room or masquerade ball dresses, just use a simple blind or a pair of unlined dress curtains on a pole. Use American shutters in bathrooms, because you can have a full view outside or complete privacy, just by adjusting the panels.


We have just received new lighting collections. These include many modern style table lamps, floor lamps, crystal lamps and more.

These fantastic chandeliers are made of great synthetic crystals that can bring the chic to any house.

We now carry beautiful lighting items for your home. You will find it easy to choose the best lights when you view the table and floor lamps on display in our showroom. More lighting options are available from our catalogs. We will listen to your ideas and help you find the perfect look to match your style.

These are most popular lighting categories that we currently have:
–    Contemporary lighting
–    Crystal lamps
–    Table lamps
–    Floor lamps
–    Modern lighting

Designer’s Tip:

The family masquerade ball dresses usually serves more than one functions, hence it needs to have flexible lighting. Consider the activities happening in the room and plan appropriate lighting for them. For both relaxation and study activities you can utilize one or more chandeliers for basic illumination and enhance the decorative theme of the house. Do not forget to layer the light and make sure that the layers are control independently. This way your family room will be able to adapt to the different functions as desired.

How to choose upholstery fabric

The Hottest Upholstery Fabric Trends of 2017 | Aaron's Touch Up

Today I want to talk about upholstery fabric and how to choose it. First of all it is important to take into consideration who and how often will be using your chair or sofa. If you are planning to use it for decoration purposes only, do not worry too much about fabric durability. On the other hand, if you are placing a sofa or a chair in high-traffic area, the fabric needs to be durable. Just look at the abrasion rating (double rubs) of the fabric. Any fabric that holds 15,000 double rubs or more is classified as heavy duty.

If you happen to have pets in the house, consider a microfiber fabric or leather as they can withstand heavy use. In this case avoid using delicate fabric such as silk, delicately colored fabrics or any fabric with lots of texture. Instead, select pet-friendly upholstery.

When choosing fabric that lasts, look for the high thread count. This property refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. The higher this number, the denser the fabric, the longer it lasts.

Next, consider the pattern. Rule of the thumb is that woven patterns last longer than printed once. Make sure that the pattern style matches the style of the furniture – use traditional fabric on a traditional style of frame. For big rooms consider using a large bold pattern, while a more muted or smaller one might be a better choice for a smaller space.

Choose appropriate fabric for the room temperature and humidity. For the sunny rooms make sure that the upholstery fabric is fade resistant; for the humid room look for mildew resistant one.

And the last but not least tip: make a healthy choice for your family – consider lint free fabric that does not attract dust, such as microfiber, especially if you or your family members have allergies.



Wallpaper is quickly regaining popularity as a full or an accent wall treatment. Open any recent design magazine and you will see many wallpaper-inspired designs. Many designers have wallpaper as one of their favourite tool to make a make homes different and unique.

Unlike that 70’s wallpaper, modern wallpapers are stylish and sophisticated, are available in fashionable colors and are made from variety of materials, including paper, fabric, vinyl, glass and natural materials, such as cork and silk.

We are proud to offer wide selection of wallpaper ranging from traditional to ultra-modern style.

Designer’s Tip:

When you decorate your living room, complete the look with the amazing papered walls. Choose patterns with sprays of flowers, and then let your valances be elaborated, make their rosettes and tassels echo the flower and curving branches patterns of your wallpapers.

Designer’s Tip:

Use metallic wallpaper, Victorian styled wallpapers, contemporary geometric patterned wallpaper, floral wallpapers, or numerous textured wallpapers imitating wood and linen wallpapers to cover the entire room or just a feature wall. The wallpaper will also hide a multitude of flaws on your walls – chips, cracked walls, panelling, and even cinder block. Do not be afraid to commit to a wallpaper choice – today’s wallpaper are easy to install and even easier to remove. Some of them are washable and some are paintable, so you can install the wallpaper and then paint them over with right color.