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Tropical House Design With A Beautiful Garden View

This house design starts from the renovation of the original 70 M2 type house, along with the growing number of families camelo wedding and limited space available, the development of this house should be upward. The challenge in the design is limited land in a narrow space. However, the client wants the living room which has a privacy, family room and dinning room should have wider impression.

Therefore, our designing strategy is creating a living room, family room and dinning room without walls and for creating privacy in the living room, a two side TV cabinet furniture as high as 210 cm is placed between living room and family room. From the family room, the family member could watch TV and from the living room side, the client can take advantage by utilizing this as souvenir or knickknacks gallery.

The client is typically hard worker, and to support his activity, he need a large workspace. The working room is placed in the second floor and side by side with sitting room, in the hope serves to relax when the work is over, and also to receive his clients.

To facilitate communication between space of the first and second floor, a void is made on the second floor near the work space. Void here serves dual purposes:

– To see who the guest coming that can be viewed from the second floor

– Creating monumental/grand nuance in the living room, so although the house is small but results will impress magnificent and luxurious.

– To facilitate communication between space of the first and second floor.

Overall theme of this house design is a minimalist tropical house design, because the architecture is suitable for tropical climate with the typical high intensity rainfall.


Modern Bedroom Decorting Camelo Wedding Ideas


Are you looking for modern bedroom decorating ideas? If yes, modern bedroom decorating ideas can be solution for you. Their bedroom decorating collection are perfect in colors, arrangement, lamps, rug, and furniture. You can see it below and I hope it will help you in build or renovate your existing bedroom.


Elegant French Capitone Armchair


The Armchair was inspired by famous classic camelo wedding furniture. It’s main feature is traditional upholstered seat with button detailing and cradled by a modern and curved enclosure. This basic furniture available in veneered rosewood for more classic looks and a glossy lacquered surface for more contemporary looks. Uncluttered and clean lines of the frame combined with leather or fabric option delivering ideal seating to any room.



Cool Teenagers Modern Bedroom Interior by NAMIC


Are you looking for cool teenagers modern bedroom interior? If yes,  modern bedroom interiors from NAMIC is right choose for you. NAMIC might have the solution towards all those and take you towards their favorite colors and motifs that they like in decorating their rooms. NAMIC is a storage space oriented assembly unit, almost the furniture there are modular which can perfectly fit into your style.


Minimalist Teen Bedroom Design Inspiration


Nowadays many people obsess in camelo wedding designing a minimalist bedroom design. The minimalist teen bedroom enable to keep the room looks always neat due to the minimalist furniture and accessories on it. All of the bedroom interior decor use modern minimalist and simple concept with various color option suits to teenager. Single bed or sofa be (that can be separated) with several storage unit furniture and big drawer is the main characteristic of minimalist bedroom concept.


Cool Wardrobe Designs from Carre

If you have ample space in your bedroom, you may wish to consider a walk in wardrobe. They are fairly easily constructed, consisting usually of simple ’stud’ walls, with either a plain opening into the rest of the bedroom, or a door. Wardrobes these days come in a vast range of styles from modern lacquer & glass to wood. Wardrobe designs from a Barcelona based company named Carre. With special emphasis on sliding door wardrobes, Carre shows off its collection in good light with excellent photography and designer settings.

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How to Clean Bath Shower Tile


Soap scum, minerals in the water, mildew and dirt accumulate over time, leaving the shower tiles looking dingy. It’s almost unbearable looking at those dark green and black stains in the corners of the tub. You can’t even enjoy a nice hot shower because the only thing on your mind is how to get rid of the mildew buildup in the corners, cracks and crevices. Cleaning bathroom shower tile is an essential part in maintaining a clean home. Even though the shower is where you go to get clean, the tiles still get dirty.  Below you will find some tips to clean bath shower tile.

Cleaning Porcelain Tiles

  1. Fill an empty spray bottle with equal parts hot water and distilled white vinegar. Shake the bottle to blend the ingredients.
  2. Spray the vinegar solution onto the shower tiles. Allow it to remain on the tiles for about three minutes.
  3. Scrub the tile with a sponge to remove soap scum and other grime from the surface. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the grout.
  4. Rinse the tiles with plain water. Use a detachable shower head, if you have one. If not, use a cup to rinse the shower tiles. Buff the tiles with a clean rag.


Cleaning Ceramic Tiles

  1. Fill a bucket with seven cups of warm water. Add 1/4-cup vinegar, 1/3-cup household ammonia and 1/2-cup baking soda to the bucket. Mix together.
  2. Dip a sponge into the bucket of cleaning solution. Scrub the ceramic shower tiles with a sponge. Rinse out the sponge often while cleaning. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the tile grout.
  3. Rinse the ceramic tiles with plain water.
  4. Wipe down the tiles with a rag and soapy water to remove any film left from the cleaning solution. Buff the tiles with a dry rag.


Cleaning Stone Tiles

  1. Fill a bucket with water and a few squirts of mild dish soap. Avoid using soap containing bleach or any abrasive cleaners, as this may damage the stone surface.
  2. Dip a rag into the bucket of cleaning solution. Wring out the rag slightly.
  3. Wipe down the stone tiles with the rag and soapy water. Rinse out the rag frequently while cleaning. Use an old toothbrush to clean the grout joints.
  4. Rinse the stone tiles with plain water. Buff the tiles with a dry rag.
  5. Use a stone cleaner as an alternative method for cleaning stone shower tiles. Follow the manufacturer’s specific cleaning instructions, as this will varydepending on the product.