Facebook Apps to Create Map for Facebook Friends and Know Their Location empowering media


Facebook is the social networking website that gives you the freedom to create profile, upload photos, videos or chat with friends and many other options. This is the common place where people from different part of the world gather together and exchange their words and thoughts.  Once you add a person as your friend, you can see all his activities related to his blog.  You can also make a group and chat with them.

Tip: Know Expanse Between Two Cities.

When you add a friend, you might be eager to know where your Facebook friends are from. My Friend Map is a Facebook app by which you can create a friend map with your Facebook contacts. With the help of this app, you can map up your friends and easily find where your friends are and share your thoughts and information.

My Friend Map facilitates you to create map that shows the location of your Facebook friends and that is linked with your location as well. This makes possible to see how you are connected with your friends around the world by just clicking on the name and images of your friends.

Once you have use this application, you cannot also but your friends too are mapping you. It gives you the details in brief about your friend.  This application make you touched with your friends that you have never seen from a very long time.

There is another app called Google Map Motive, by which you can find your friends location. You can find your friend on this app by their profile picture, updated status and other information about him. But you can never find a friend on this if he has kept his information private.

The most interesting thing of this application is that if you are in your friend’s area then you can easily contact to meet him. So you can never miss a chance to meet a friend if you are in his locality.

It is very simple to make Facebook friend’s map ? There are the three steps to follow.
Step 1.  Go to the application my friend’s map.
Step 2. Allow the app to be integrated in your Facebook profile.
Step 3. Click on Create and share your map.

This is the unique way to get much closer to your friends and know more about them.  This is also wastage of time but you never mind because there is lots of fun in that. Adding strangers is a very dangerous because they know about your location with the help of this, so every time when you add a friend you have to take the things placed in your mind. There is never an easy way to find the information about your friend like this. It gives you the details of your friend as you always want to know.

So go and try it and never miss the party, you can find the world closer to you.

Create And Share Office Document With Facebook Friendsempowering media

A lots of stander office web applications are available in the internet which can help you to create and share your office document online. The most popular office web application are Google Docs, Office Live, Windows Live SkyDrive and many more. These web applications are helpful to create office documents and collaborate important documents with others. Docs.com is a new office web application where you can easily create and collaborate your office documents with your colleague, clients even your Facebook friends. If you are not a advanced user then this can be helpful for you.

About Docs

Docs provides a online Microsoft office 2010 platform where you can discover, create and share your office documents with your Facebook friends. Here you can create and upload all types of office document like Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet, Powerpoint Presentation, Photo slide show, chart, Resume. To use the application you can log with your Facebook account user id and password .

How To Use

  • Go to the Docs.com and click on “sign In”. A new Facebook log-in page will appear. Enter your Facebook log in information and click on “Login” button.
  • After logged in, “Facebook Request for permission” will appear. Click on “Allow” to allow Docs to access the Facebook account. Now you are ready to create and upload your documents.
  • To upload or create office document click on drop-down menu “Add a Doc”. Choose “Upload a Doc” to upload documents from your computer. To create office document click on other option under “Create a new document” as your choice.
  • When creating a word document you will get all common office tools facilities.
  • Now add a title of your document which will be posted on your Facebook wall.
  • To share your document “Sharing” menu. You can set the privilege of your document “Viewers” and “Editors” when sharing. Just choose the option who can view or edit your document and click on “OK”.
  • You can also share your document with individual friends. Then check the “Individual friends” option and select your friend and click “OK”.
  • Under the wall section write about your document in your Facebook wall and click “Post”.
  • Now you have successfully shared your document with your Facebook friends.
  • To access your own documents click on “My Docs” and for your friends documents click on “Friend’s Docs”. You can also see the comments by others and documents that are shared as public on it.

Add Docs Tab On Facebook

To quick access the documents and view your friends documents you can add a Docs tab on your Facebook profile. To add this  log in facebook account and go to your profile. Click on “Add a new tab” and select Docs. Now all of your Facebook friends can see by clicking the Docs tab.

After adding this tab you can easily upload and create your documents from Facebook via docs.

Enjoy and share your documents with Facebook friends.