cleaning wicker furniture

Cleaning Wicker Furniture

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Wicker furniture is one piece of artistry that needs constant and careful touch of the beauty from the owner. Moreover, wicker furniture needs to be clean in regular basis because of the material being used in it. It easily put dirt and dust deep within its layer.

There are ways on how to clean wicker furniture without damaging its beauty on the materials and design.

1. Using a vacuum cleaner in removing the dust that has taken a root on the wicker’s spaces. The brush hose of the vacuum will help to get the dirt accumulated within the wicker’s underside and bottom part.

2. After vacuuming the wicker furniture, it is necessary that you use a damp cloth to soak the furniture. You need to be careful that the entire furniture will be soaked with water to be sure that all crevices will be clean. Do not forget also to damp with water the sides of the furniture.

3. However, it is necessary to use a brush soaked with water to clean the inside parts of the woven material. Get a brush that will help get the dirt that stick to the woven material to avoid any further dusty result of the furniture.

4. Wicker furniture must be polished to be sure that the beauty of the piece will be back. You may use a scrubber or a polisher. Get a small amount of baby oil or the specialized polishing oil and damp in it the polisher or scrubber.
After outing oil on the wicker furniture, you need to get a damp cloth and use it to get the excess oil in the wicker furniture. By that time, you may use a cloth to continue polishing the furniture until it is good enough for display.

Special reminders that you should take into consideration in cleaning wicker furniture:
• The wicker furniture is a very delicate piece; you should take an extra care as you use a vacuum cleaner in getting the dirt.
• Using water in cleaning the furniture is good but it will not dry for some days presumably three days so do not sit down on the furniture. Force using of the furniture will cause the material to be twisted and damaging the entire appearance of the wicker furniture.
• As you polish the furniture, put care on using the cloth. Always take also the excess oil or it will cause the furniture to be so greasy.

Cleaning wicker furniture requires lot of care and special love of the furniture. It is also necessary to use the best kinds of cleaning materials to facilitate the cleaning of the furniture to ensure a good result.

Patio Chair Cushions To Brighten Up Your Patio

Most traditional houses have patios which are special areas located adjacent to a house which are mostly covered by a roof and also paved. In some old type bungalows in India or Australia, patios are a type of corridor or verandah that are used by people to sit reading the newspaper in or perhaps sip coffee on lazy summer days. A lot of these patios have special patio chairs that are used by people to loll around, maybe enjoying the winter sun or savoring the sight of a beautiful sunset. These chairs are specially adorned or decorated with patio chair cushion pieces that not only liven up the whole setting with their attractive colors but also help to ensure that you are able to sit on the chairs in comfort and ease.

Patio cushions can be made of various materials. The idea is to ensure that they perform the basic task of cushioning the seat of angular and hard chairs with the softness of the cushion. The material of the cushion also needs to be such that it can withstand heat as well as rains which are the elements that impinge upon the patio. Some of the most suitable materials are polyester as well as acrylic or olefin that bring about a great deal of comfort as well as durability. At the same time, these are also able to tolerate the onslaught of mold and other effects that could ruin the patio chair cushion. After all, there is a huge difference between the kind of material that you would use inside a home on your safe as contrasted with a patio cushion that is meant primarily to be used outside the home. Nowadays you also get cushions which are wrinkle free and deformity resistant so that they can easily be used for years on end without any fear or worry of loss or spoilage.

A lot of people happen to be careless when they use patio cushions. Sometimes they run sun tan or perhaps various other creams on themselves and sit on the patio soaking up the sun. While this could work up a tan, they might end up spoiling the patio cushion cover. His is due to the strong and harmful chemicals in the sun tan that could leave your patio chair cushion quite oily, dirty and stained, unfit for usage later. This is why you should be very careful while using sun tan. If you have made the mistake of sitting on the cushion with sun tan you can reverse the damage by wiping the affected part with warm water and also use some light detergent to clean it off in a jiffy before it can do any damage. It also makes sense to give these cushions a warm water and light soap rinse regularly so that its sheen and color scheme retains its attractiveness for a long time.

Keeping Your Wooden Floor Look Like New

Maintaining the shine for your floor can be a daunting task. This is especially true if you’re using wood as the flooring material. You will probably need to spend some money to get a floor sander and polisher if you’re going to spend a few hours every month for a house covered entirely with wooden floor.

Some people might hire professional cleaners to do the job for them. This might be an effective option for those who are busy with work or if they simply don’t want to risk destroying their wooden floor.

But what if you only need it to polish a certain section of your home? You can do it yourself, but what should you do if you don’t feel like polishing the floor manually with your bare hands? Well, there is good news. You don’t have to worry because you can actually consider finding a floor sander hire where you can simply give them a call and arrange for a certain period when you need to use it.

Using a floor sander is an effective way to get rid of any unwanted stain on your floor and it help you to rest assured that the surface is going to be cleaned evenly without leaving any spots or funny marks on your floor after you polish it later.