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Building Smaller Homes in a Tough Economy is a Good News Today

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Building smaller homes is necessary for many people to survive the current economy. Gone are the days of ‘McMansions’ and the homes with so many excessive rooms that never get used, is a good news today. Enter into the new way of thinking: scaling down.

Here are a few of the benefits of owning a smaller home:

– smaller monthly payments

– smaller heating and cooling bills

– fewer property taxes

– fewer insurance premiums

– less space to clean

– easier to sell


What does your home tell you when you pull into the driveway after a long day of work? Does it say, “You’ll never pay me off? you’ll be working till the day you die trying to afford me.” Hopefully not, but probably so.

What if you could go home to peace of mind? To a sanctuary where you can relax and enjoy life and let the stresses of life melt away, not continue to heap on top of the mounting pile of financial burdens.



Building smaller homes can help us all take control of this Nationwide problem of overspending, overpaying, and overstressing. This site will help you learn how to downsize. It explains the building process of each aspect of home construction and includes some small home plans. It also teaches many good ideas on utilizing space in a smaller home.

I consider smaller homes to be anything under 3,000 square feet but over 1200 square feet. Homes under 1200 square feet are considered small homes or cottages. I have selected many small home styles from all over the world. Many of these styles are in 3d format, along with floor plans. I only choose home designs that are inexpensive and simple to build.


Small Home Floor Plans

The small home floor plans that make the most sense are plans that don’t sacrifice comfort for the economy that’s a good news today. There are many wonderful home designs that utilize space very efficiently. Smaller homes offer a lot of big advantages to a homeowner. They cost less to build and to buy, they’re easier to keep clean, the property taxes aren’t as high, the maintenance costs less, and they are much easier to sell if you have to.

In the last decade, we have seen extravagance and waste at unprecedented levels in the housing industry. Blatant waste, overspending, overbuilding, over-borrowing have taken many people down a road they will never forget. We as a nation have learned a valuable lesson about economics. We as adults will never forget the years the financial and housing markets crashed. We have learned that economical homes are better for us in almost every way. I hope it’s a lesson we can somehow pass on to our children.

I have been preaching this lesson for about twenty-five years. We need to cut back. Anyway, it’s time for me to climb down off my soapbox.

I’m not an affiliate of this site. I really like some of the plans there because they make economic sense to me. These homes can be built in an affordable way if the homeowner doesn’t opt for all the extra goodies.

good news today

Small Cottage Plans

Small cottage plans are becoming more and more popular. Probably because people are downsizing their living space, a small cottage can be just as comfortable as a full-sized home with a few space-saving ideas implemented into the design.

Typically, a cottage is a small home that is one or one and a half stories tall. The attic space is utilized, limiting headroom and dormers are necessary for windows. Often the attic space is an open loft.

Almost every culture has its version of what a cottage needs to be. That’s because cottages are part of a frugal lifestyle.

The cottage to the left is old-style European and is probably what most people think of when referring to a cottage. Smaller cottages are more efficient. Not only that, but If you live in a smaller home, it will be easier to maintain.

This larger cottage comes complete with a sunroom on one side and a garage on the other.

Here is another example of old European cottages. Notice the detailing around the windows. This look is easy to replicate with modern masonry and stucco techniques. The bypass roof allows for sun windows letting in light to the upstairs.

Modern roofing material and insulation would make this a more efficient home.

This is a Tudor-style cottage displaying the half-timbering technique. However, modern homes that appear as such only need to apply wood pieces to the exterior.


Unique And Quaint Plans For Small Inexpensive Homes

Finding plans for small, inexpensive house layouts sets you on the path of improving your financial life. So many people need to scale back on expenses, and lowering their mortgage payments due to reducing the size of their homes is a great start.

Right from the get-go, a smaller home will help you save money. Blueprints will be much cheaper to have drawn up for a smaller house plan.

Another thing is the building permit will be substantially less for a smaller dwelling because it is calculated on a percentage of the overall cost of the home, and that’s a good news today.

My home cost me $60,000 to build, and that includes the well and the septic system. I already owned the land. By choosing a smaller design and building it myself, I was able to save over $100,000. That’s the difference between what I paid for materials and what a 22,000 square foot home would have cost.

There are many styles of smaller homes. First, I will give an example of my gambrel roof home. It’s very inexpensive to build, and it utilizes space efficiently.

Here is the floor plan for both floors. It has around 2,000 square feet. Smaller homes are really easy to heat and cool. Plus, a bigger home would be difficult for a homeowner to build by him or herself. It would be too overwhelming.