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Best iPhone Dating Apps for People with Disabilities


Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world and it is best when both individuals are on the same page. This doesn’t mean that they are supposed to have the same ethnic background, belong to a certain race or have the same color or even age or have the same likings or dislikings. But they are supposed to be connected to each other with the bond of love, care, understanding and respect for each other. Apart from that, one of the best things about love is that it just happens when you do not judge each other and accept each other’s shortcomings and capabilities.


Sometimes loving someone who is specially-abled might become a challenge but one can always overcome these challenges and make sure that you make the most of your love life. Keeping this in mind, some whizz-kids from around the world have created apps that specialize in providing disabled people a chance to come across each other and find love and like-minded individuals to date and have a relationship as well.


If you are someone looking for love using such apps you can download the following apps using different internet services that are available around you. These ISPs are also known to provide the most affordable rates and best TV and internet bundles that will stay within your budget. Keeping this in mind, let’s have a look at the different apps created for individuals who have special needs on the iPhone:


Disability Matching – Dating

This is one of the best disability dating applications that is dedicated for people on a wheelchair, who are physically impaired or have other special needs to meet and greet and chat for free and start a relationship. If you are someone looking for a relationship or friends to join in for yourself, then you can simply download the app and start chatting. All you need to do is register yourself and flirt, hang out, hook up and chat with like-minded individuals.


One of the best things about the app is that the app does not ask you to provide too much information about yourself and get along with people and give time to their relationship to work out. The app promises to provide a very open environment to people so that they can be themselves and don’t get judged because of being someone with special needs and get along with other people who are looking for love in their life.

App Store Rating: 4.5



This is a very unique and popular app and is considered to be an authentic community amidst people who can understand English throughout the world. You can just use the app to make new friends, meet new people and find a partner or wife or husband for yourself. The unique thing about the app is that people believe in the “Love, Don’t Judge” policy here and understand the challenges of people who are specially-abled.


They also have a website where people can come along and get to know each other and get quality recommendations and suggestions and some quality environment online. The app offers free registration and is open for people who have special needs or if they have respectful able bodies.

App Store Rating: 2.8


Ellie: Disabled Dating App

This is another popular app that is very easy to use and uses simple swipe, search and chat options that can get you to come across single individuals for free. For people looking for serious relationships and have special needs or are really positive about their disabilities, Ellie is a good platform to join. The design of the app is very unique and keeps in mind the safety of the people and members who are part of the Ellie family. It also creates an open space where everybody feels accepted, loved and can be the best of themselves without getting judged. Using the app is very easy.


You can create an account that takes less than 2 minutes, start searching and chatting with single individuals who share common interests and live around you. You can instantly match with people you like and if you want to be more specific with your search then you can use some powerful filters and come across new people almost every day. The technology used by the app is very smart and helps you to connect with people with special needs who seek love or companionship and have a better life.

App Store Rating: 4.2


S’More: Dates, Friends, & Fun

The app is one of the first relationship apps that works as an amazing network of singles and makes them feel less or no superficial when they come across each other and meet each other for the first time. It removes barriers that people usually have when using dating apps, or when you are starting off with their life, reduces the pressure people usually face while dating and gets people to interact with each other using voice calls, video calls and create an interactive profile for yourself.


The app is more like a dating app and you can use options like blurred videos, S’MoreTV, Horoscopes and use the best security and safety to get you a better and safe environment for yourself.

App Store Rating: 4.0


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In the end, one can say that people with special needs are part of our society and these guys deserve equal opportunities of finding a suitable partner for themselves, get better opportunities of having a better life. For this, the apps mentioned above can be the best way for them to start a new life and get someone special in their life.