Automotive Supply


Global car market is facing price unconventional redesign of the value chain, from original equipment company ( OEM ) to the supplier company must rebuild themselves, to flourish in the future. The person in charge of supply management for a Tier 1 automotive supplier is in a difficult multi-editing process, including vehicle identification. ( 1 ) New technologies (such as electric propulsion and autonomous driving) and ( 2 ) business model inventions (such as ride sharing and final mail delivery) have strengthened this development.

Although management decisions can affect the success and existence of companies, companies still have the opportunity to accept them. These rapidly changing times provide a rare opportunity to rewrite your story in the global automotive organization structure and reshape the role of supply management professionals.

To complicate matters the traditional, traditional Tier 1 automotive supplier in OEM to meet customer faced when expanding household demand product portfolio, and many of which more than continue to continue to sell internal combustion engine, hybrid and power generation systems.

The role of supply management professionals is to mediate information without barriers while finding solutions to business challenges. To ensure better and faster corporate decision-making, the ability of all team members to easily self-service and access data is essential for real-time execution of functions.

Automotive Supply Products

In the Hughes Enterprise Group, we understand that products come in various sizes, shapes and weights. In the automotive industry, you need a packaging design for auto parts that reflects the nature of the packaging. Therefore, whether you are in a small area or a large area, you must pack them, they can easily turn into strange shapes and suffer wear and tear. Custom packaging needs to be ordered to ensure safety during transportation

All car parts must be packaged and transported, so it is important to ensure that they are properly packaged for complete safety. These include automotive parts that usually require specific packaging designs and solutions:

  • Handling doors and gates
  • Range hood
  • Painting
  • Windshield and side windows
  • Girls and spoilers
  • Template
  • bumper
  • lights
  • Impact, coil spring
  • Parts of the path system
  • steering wheel
  • engine
  • battery
  • Big air
  • Gearbox
  • Dashboard
  • transfer
  • Tires
  • GPS system
  • Car electronics
  • Switches and buttons

These parts will need to be protected with rechargeable bed planks (such as peanut packaging) filling, foam, bubble wrap, etc. to prevent gaps. In our previous article ” Safe Packaging of Auto Parts “, we protect auto parts. Discuss the importance of filling air and Instagram foam during transportation, not only to ensure product safety, but also to provide diversity, save warehouse space, enhance the packaging process and improve customer satisfaction.

Hughes packaging business experts with each customer households with design for its business and products tailor-made auto parts packaging solutions.

Automotive supply careers

A career in the automotive industry depends on your emotions, personal interests, skills and experience.

The automotive industry is a huge industry, and you can enter a multifaceted and large-scale industry. Employment opportunities are unlimited. Whether you are interested in sales, marketing and advertising, law, engineering, welding, manufacturing, technology or any other career path, you will find an opportunity to be interested, interested, and like yourself.

If you like technology, you want to work in the automotive industry. With the rapid development of technologies and innovations such as autonomous driving, electric engines, advanced safety systems, and next-generation hybrid and electric vehicles, you will not stop appreciating new technologies today. It is enforced in the car today.

After years of stagnation and employment slowdown caused by the recent economic downturn, the auto industry is now reorganizing its workforce to accommodate sales growth. Although finding a job in the automotive industry may have been the most difficult and dangerous ten years ago, now this field is booming. Improving the safety and stability of work comes from a career in the automotive industry today.