Tattoo Vehicle

The World’s First Tattoo Car

The World’s First Tattoo Vehicle To mark the anniversary of the Lexus UX, the Japanese car manufacturer has commissioned a tattoo artist to create the world’s first tattooed vehicle. The work, by prominent London tattoo artist Claudia De Sabe, uses a Dremel drill tool instead of a fine tattooing needle to create the design. The […]

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masquerade party

How to Host a Masquerade Party

Planning a Masquerade Party If you are planning a masquerade party, you have to be ready to dress up and look your best. Theme parties are a great way to celebrate Halloween, but you will want to make sure your guests have a great time too. If you are having the party in a historical […]

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masquerade dress

How to Choose a Masquerade Dress

What is a masquerade dress? They are events that are themed around costumes and are generally a combination of dance and music. There are usually plenty of people dressed in outrageous costumes, and the event is often an evening of entertainment and celebration. Regardless of the origin, it is fun to dress up in this […]

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